Openers For Garage Doors


The transition time has come! You can say goodbye to the frustrating days of bending and lifting the garage door. Also you need not come out of the car to open the door in middle of the rain storm if you install an automatic garage door opener! The advantage of automatic garage door opener is not only that it has automation but it has additional safety and security feature as well. Here are some of the interesting features of automatic garage door opener.

REVERSING SYSTEM: the automatic openers have the sensors installed in them and they get activated as soon as it senses that any object is coming in between the door starts to reverse. It means that if the door is closing then it automatically stops and reverses the closing door. This is required feature as sometimes more than one vehicle is going inside and also if a small child comes in between then this function works at the best!

MANUAL EMERGENCY RELEASE: This feature releases the door from door opener. This function gets activated when there is power failure or any other reason due to which it is not possible to use the opener. As soon as it is activated it allows operating the door manually. So this means that if for some reason you are not able to open the door then you can use your manual force to open or close it. This is the emergency feature which is pre-installed in the automatic garage door openers.

ACCESS SYSTEM: The automatic openers require more security as if the remote is lost then anybody having that remote can open your garage door. But to safeguard from this risk the openers are installed with access code which responds averse if the wrong code is punched. Some of them are have such modernised technology that if somebody tries to open it with wrong code then after one failed event the door gets locked and can be open only after answering secret questions!

BATTERY BACKUP: This feature is available only in some models. Battery backup works if you go off power. If the power is knocked down then you can use the door manually or use the battery backup if it is there. This feature helps you in dark times!

VACATION SETTING: Just like in office you put your vacation, the same way you can do it with your garage door opener. If you put in the vacation setting in the opener then it will stop the door from responding to any transmitter during those days. So through this no one can even try to gain an access to your place. We lock our homes with extra protection but always avoided the garage extra locks so this need is fulfilled by the automation!

In this era where burglars are getting smart it is necessary that you step ahead of them and become smarter! call garage door repair Redmond to Install the automatic garage door opener and surround yourself with an extra layer of protection and convenience.