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The Story Of The Jammed Garage Door

I live in a house that is almost 30 years old, I recently bought it from the couple who had built it and it comes with its own quirks and mysteries. Like everything else, the garage door is also as old as the house but until recently it was functioning fine. The door was updated a few years ago from the mechanical type to the automatic type and if it malfunctioned, we could use the cord to pull it a couple of times and the motor would restart.

Last week, when I came back from work, I opened the garage door using my remote and parked my car inside. While trying to close the door the same way, I noticed a burning smell and the door would not close. When I attempted closing the garage door manually by pulling the cord, the cord broke and the door was permanently stuck. No amount of pushing and pulling could close it and after a few failed attempts I gave up.

Since I could not leave the door open through the night, I decided to take a chance and try for a garage door company’s number that I found in the yellow pages. The listed address of the company was not too far from where I stay, so I was hopeful of a positive response. When I mentioned my problem, the customer service executive was very cordial and asked me relevant questions regarding the type of mechanism that my garage door had. He promised to come down to check the fault within half an hour, and he did.

On checking my garage door, the technician told me about the problem and the means to rectify it. He offered to go back to his premises and bring back the required tools and the new motor needed to make the garage door work again. A short while later, he came back with the relevant equipment and within an hour, he replaced the old motor with new and made the garage door functional again. As he was working, he also gave me tips on how to care for my garage door so that the motor will last longer. As part of the garage door service, the technician repaired the cord too, at no extra cost.

To my surprise, the service charges and the cost of repair were quite reasonable, garage door repair Redmond did not charge me any surcharge for working out of their operating hours. I would happily recommend this company to all my friends and family.