Garage Door Spring Replacement

Spring Replacement

Detailed information From Garage Door Repair Redmond on types of Garage Door Springs

All the garage owners know about the garage door springs but many few of them give the required attention towards them. They give attention only when their garage door springs get broken or the door stops working due to any other reason. But, having a full knowledge of the spring types will not only help you to select the right springs according to the door but will also bring more efficiency to its working.

Mainly, the garage door springs are of two types but they are further divided into sub categories. Let us introduce you with all of these types.

Extension Springs

Extension springs can be mounted on the sides of the door or above door opening next to the horizontal track. Depending on the features, these springs have the following categories:

Sectional Garage Door Extension Springs

These springs stretch in the direction that is parallel to the horizontal tracks. The door is counterbalanced by the pulling force of the cables. And when the door is closed, its weight is transformed to the cables making the door heavier but the pulling force of the springs balance the door and make it lighter to lift up.

In the residential garages, there are mostly two springs which are installed on each side of the door. The one end of the door is connected to an open-eye-bolt and the other to pulley.

The commercial garage door can have the same spring system as that of the residential ones or can be mounted with the multiple springs.

One-Piece Garage Door Extension Springs

These extension springs are used in the one piece garage doors whose top slides inside the garage and bottom moves up outside the garage. Such doors use 2 or 4 springs mounting 1 or 2 on both the sides.

Torsion Springs

These types of springs are always secured on the shaft above the garage door opening.

Standard Torsion Springs

These types of springs are mainly used in the residential garages and can be a single piece or a piece of two. If the door is having two torsion springs, then the system will be safer. It is because even if one spring gets broken, the other will prevent the garage door from causing any damage or accident.

EZ-Set Torsion springs

These springs are like standard torsion springs but the hardware of both is different. These are installed to the winders which are at the ends of the shaft. There are two winders and they are labelled as “L” or ”R” corresponding to the side of door on which they should be installed.

Wayne Dalton TorqueMaster Torsion Springs

These springs are safer than the EZ-Set springs. The garage doors can have one or two springs mounted inside the shaft. The stationary cone whose shape is similar to the shaft, keeps these springs fastened inside the shaft.

Whatever may be the type of springs, you should never try to install them on your own. Even if you have the detailed knowledge, it is better to call a professional company instead of taking risk.