Garage Door Installation

A Guide to New Garage Door Installation and Maintenance

Garage doors are the most commonly used moving parts in your home.  A number of times in a day, you open and close these doors for various things.  Therefore, it makes sense to ensure you install and maintain garage doors properly so that they can function smoothly for the years to come. In this article, Garage door repair Redmond are going to enlighten you about the new garage door installation and maintenance.

To begin the new garage door installation and maintenance process, you would require removing the old door.  It is advisable to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to remove the old door. It requires unlatching the door from the pulley system and taking the panels of the door apart, followed by unscrewing the tracks.  Care should be taken that you remove one panel at a time; else they may fall on you.  When you have removed the old door, ensure the door, you are going to install has correct measurements as the size of the door because any mismatch can lead to incorrect installation, which may cause troubles to you later on.

To install new garage door, attach hinges and handles ensuring they are able to move the door correctly. After the, set the bottom piece into the position and level it to properly set the piece. You may also slant or bend the nails to secure them in place. Now install the remaining panels, hammering nails into the side jambs to hold it in place.  You may also require anchoring each piece into the door jamb.

Once panels are secured, install the rollers to place them securely in the assembled track. You need to be very careful while installing rollers as they require pressing against the track to fix them properly and too much friction can break the rollers itself.  The concluding step is to secure the track and attach the springs. Assemble springs according to manufacturer’s instructions and lift the door with the help of someone to ensure tracks are parallel and leveled correctly. Once you are done, lift the door and attach springs to the pulley system.

When you are installing new garage door, ensure you take help of someone who is expert doing it and follow manufacturer’s instructions carefully. Once the new door is installed, the next step is to maintain it for long term use.  Most of the homeowners do not pay attention to the early signs, which clearly signify that something is wrong with your doors and end up in troubles. You should always pay attention to the early signs and take steps to investigate the problem and then correct it.  This is only way to make your garage doors function smoothly for the years to come.

The new garage door installation and maintenance process is quite simple if you follow is correctly. However, as far as installation is concerned, one should always seek expert assistance and not mess up with it as it can cause injuries to you, in a case you are not able to do it correctly.